Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Grandpa I love you...
So a few months ago my grandpa started not doing so well and became really ill and was in great pain.  About two days ago, I started feeling off.  Like something was wrong. Just heavy like I was carrying around burdening pain.  So last night I finally mentioned to Adam that something felt off and that I thought it was my grandpa.. We were al hoping and looking forward to seeing him one last time this summer and creating new amazing memories with him... Unfortunately I got the call this morning that he had passed away. :(

My first few years of life I was very close to my grandparents. They spoiled me with affection and love like no other.  They taught me life lessons, told me stories and shared they're wisdom, the way a grandparent can with a three year old.  Then at a very young age, my parents and I moved countries and were no longer living anywhere near them.  I missed them tremendously. Starting school was difficult. Although I had my parents it felt like someone was missing.  Eventually I grew up and a call to catch up began to feel like the normal. 

 It was only in returning back when I was fifteen did I feel i really got to know them.  I now saw them through the eyes of an (almost an adult-self). They were wonderful memories that summer.  I respect them both immensely for all that they had gone though for people they had become and all that they'd accomplish.  

From nothing my grandfather was able to raise six kids to own miles and miles of vineyards and olive fields and produce the best wine and olive oil. :) His knowledge passion for wine making was just a mere reflection on him an his life. With that they have inspired me and helped me get through anything I have ever been through. May your legacy and passion live on with us,  you will forever be loved and missed by all. Missing you. Until we meet again. F.DReis (Padsanto) We shall enjoy a glass of wine tonight in your honor and a cheer to your long amazing life!


  1. Silvia, I have just "met" you through your videos that I love. This post is very touching and I am sure your grandfather is proud of you, may he rest in peace. Grandparents can be so inspiring! I have always wanted to move to other countries or other parts of France but the reason I don't is because I want my children to stay close to their grandmother and aunts, uncles and family.
    Have a lovely day! Hugs from Paris :)

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