Tuesday, July 31, 2012

ellebangs first blog!!

Hello blogger readers. And ellebang fans! <3 

So excited we can now meet here as well, and not only in a 10 minute video on youtube :)

Well my name is Silvia, as some of you may know, I am the shy face you see on our ellebangs videos.  
Now with this little addition of having  a blog I can explain more about the videos, name product I use, prices and so on.  Lord knows I am really bad at remembering to say what it is i am using.  Also it would be nice to ramble on anything hair make up and beauty fun! Ok enough about me now ellebangs!

What is ellebangs??

ellebangs was born early 2011.  A creative fun experimentive collaborative project among three artistic creative friends.  Adam Oestrergaard, cute, talented,  producer/camera operator /editor and  my fiancee <3  Tina Mclean  adorable, fun, make up/hair stylist, I met in school.  And me  shy gir,l passionate about everything hair.  cut, style, color, and volume. Lots of volume! So we put all our talents together and came up with this...


Silvia & Tina

So as you may have noticed Tina has not been in the latest videos.  We are hoping to have her back in some of our videos when she is ready to say hello once again.  So for now it is Just Adam and I.  Adam is responsible for editing, all the pretty titles and sounds.  Until I learn to use finalcut pro. 

Now I leave you with one of our latest videos.  Adam attempting to do my make up.  Warm hugs and mugs full of coffeefrom our apartment in san francisco.