Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Happy New year! 2013

Happy New Year!!

Hope you all started the year off with happiness, inspiration and lots of Love!
God knows just how tough last year was for me, with obstacles, disappointments, set backs and stress.  But Through those struggles came so any blessings.  I feel I was more than compensated. Add to the select few friends and close family who know what I am talking about and were there I thank them!  If I learned one thing these last few months is that with patience and perseverance all is possible.

So have you began on your new years resolutions?! Or do you no longer make them? haha
I take new years resolutions pretty seriously and try to follow them through the year.  No reason to be healthy, more fit, more hard working, more optimistic and more determined only in January?!  Why not keep all the positive-ness and determination year round?!  Make this your year! Make this the year you reach your most wanted goals!  Why wait until next month next week or even worse next year?  Goals are almost only hard sticking to,  in the beginning. Once you get through that curve it becomes second nature and much more easy.  And nothing I mean NOTHING, beats the fulfillment of reaching a goal! The feeling like you have concurred and achieved.  All the hard work becomes worth it and you only become much more motivated to reach yet another goal! Or maybe reaching the next step up. There is no limit to success :)

With that, hope you are all filled with optimism and inspiration to take on the world! May this year bring you much success, happiness, good health, and with  the patience and perseverance to get there!!

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