Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Salon searching journey

Hey guys I cant believe its march already!!  And this is only second posting this year.  Disappointing I know! :/
It time to get more personal as I invite to come along with me on my quest to find my home away from home a.k.a my hair salon.  Where I could submerse in my passion of all things hair.

So the process took a little longer than I thought.  Living right off of Union Square when almost every buliding has a salon or two I was thinking there is at least 200 salons with in walking distance there should be no problem finding a place thats just right for me.  WRONG!!  I fond out there are over 5,000 salons actually within San Francisco, with that being said the competition is insane.  Especially in the Union Square area, with such a  high concentration of salons in such a small amount of space.  

So after  the grueling interviews and handing out resumes and  meeting nearly every salon owner/manager in Union Square I have found my salon.  Bibbo Salon, one in which I felt suit my needs and where I could best be a stylist, colorist easily accesible  to my clients. Its a full service salon, so my client enjoy coming to see me right after just having got a facial and eyebrows done downstairs. :) We carry Kerestase, Moroccan Oil and Rene Furterer. And use Goldwell, Wella and Clairol professional Inoa color lines. Check it out, www.bibbosalonandspa.com  Its conveniently located in the heart of San Francisco in Union Square.  Surrounded by amazing food and an ample amount of shopping choices.  
I am settling in and building up a new clientele here, while acomodating my existing south bay clients.  Staying busy with side projects and promotions and a second work project.  along with youtube chanel and taking color training and styling and extension classes.

So thats what I have been up to in the past few weeks. Look forward to keeping you updated on how I'm doing :)  Happy Good hair day to all!